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A butterfly kiss ~Nisreen~
02 September 2011 @ 10:07 am
To all of you who might be visiting this page...

Here is my new blog => Ribboned Existence (http://poetic-nisro.blogspot.com/)
A butterfly kiss ~Nisreen~
06 August 2011 @ 08:18 am
I'll be moving from here sooooon

I fear I need a better place with more features ...
I'm actually working on it and soon this would be my old place and a new home would embrace my writings ;)

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A butterfly kiss ~Nisreen~
06 August 2011 @ 07:33 am
How do you miss her?(poem)
How do you miss her?
pray tell
do you miss
the beating
in your inner cell?

Do you miss her words
running forwards
drawing a world
you never knew
opening doors
unlocking the core!
and you...?
asking for more!

She is the mist
the life
you resist
the twist
of the fairy tale
the never forgotten detail!
the breath
you wish you'd never exhale!

She is ..
what you could never see
the never attained glee
The moment of glory
lost to thee!

She is ..
what you could not say
never really accentuated in a way
yet what your ever slight gesture betray!

she is ...
totally and true
Never really gained
but painfully lost to you!

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Thurs: 4/9/1432 -4/8/2011
5:15 am
A butterfly kiss ~Nisreen~
21 July 2011 @ 01:55 pm
How many kisses ? (for my dear friend and poetess hannah-grace)

Let me know..
How many kisses
would you bestow?
If you knew
That I would stand
On my finger tips
Just to get those kisses
That I don’t want to miss?!!

Tell me now..
How many hugs
Would you vow
To give away!
If you knew
They’d make me safe
For the day!

How many times
Would you call?
Just to say
I love you and all?

How many coffee cups
Would you share
As you dare
To tell
the ups
and downs
of you here
& there!

How many roses would you bring?
Making me sing!
If you only know
How roses always make my day
In its own special way!

How many times
Would you hold my hand?
Promising that you would understand!
Understand it all
The shining moments
And the darkness that befall!

How many words would you utter
Sending my heart aflutter!

How many times would you say
“I love you
and I don’t know the way
to describe this beat
I love you
This is no defeat
But a victory of my heart beat!
I love you…
I repeat!
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Wed/Thurs: 20/21-7-2011
19/20-8-1432 (12:50 pm)
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A butterfly kiss ~Nisreen~
19 July 2011 @ 07:14 pm
Few days ago, I had this amazing sudden vision...I closed my eyes for a second & there it was. I saw the poetry book I have always wished to publish. I saw the title and even the design and colors of the cover!!
How weird is that??
Is it some sort of a sign that I should take it seriously and really work on publishing my poems??
I was wondering about this few days before I was attacked by this vision and i was telling myself that nowadays paper books seem to be out of fashion and the whole world seem to be more interested in electronic books and such!!

If anyone read this, would you let me know what do you really think??

Thank you 
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A butterfly kiss ~Nisreen~
19 July 2011 @ 06:37 pm
~*~ The small Little Things ~*~

Viva to the small little thing\s
With the joys they bring

Viva to a small coffee cup
Sitting Between the two
Sharing smiles
A point of view!

Viva to a moment of care
A smile to share
A step to dare!

Viva to a delicate bloom
Brightening up a room
Erasing gloom!

Viva to you
A being of intricate hue/s
Sometimes realizing clues
At times blinded by your own blues
But always hopeful
Always wishful
Realizing that there is a new day
To start anew
to find another way
to be perfectly You!
Through and through!

Wed:18-12-1431/ 24-11-2010
6:30 pm

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A butterfly kiss ~Nisreen~
10 May 2011 @ 01:14 am


I breathe the words

They are my silent rewards

The clustering



Rolled out

Presented on slates

The lines !

Acting as inmates


Risk the letters

Of the raven soul

And then...

You might have a tiny piece

Of that mesmerizing whole!?

All Rights Reserved @Nisro 
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A butterfly kiss ~Nisreen~
15 January 2011 @ 10:27 pm
Do you know that feeling of being pampered by something so exquisite that you feel almost drunk with the emotions it creates!?

If you know that feeling, then let me confess that I've fallen again with my oldest crush ever....Richard Marx's voice , songs....lyrics. 

A bewitching combination that have enticed me over the years....
I have never listened to such amazing lyrics as Marx's. At times, I can't imagine that it is possible to feel the feelings he describes...they are just too deep, too exquisite to be true. 

"Strangers look friendly
friends seem strange

and I must look just like hell
I wanna unload my troubles
but You are the only one I can tell!
& I neeeeed you
& I want you....


From: http://www.musicbabylon.com
What is this, all of my darkest fears?
Why have they gathered here?
To watch a fool go down.
Go away. Why would you waste your time?
Here where the sun won't shine.
There's nothing left for you.


I can't go on this way
Knowing you don't want me.
I can't go on this way
Knowing you don't need me.
I can't go on this way
When everything I do depends on you.
Depends on you.

"When November falls"

How did you arrive in the single moment
That I looked away
Your life waits for you
In every second
And every word you say

For all the memories remaining
I need to let you know

From the hardest times to the hills you climb
I’ll be your warmest summer
When your dreams run dry, I am on your
To pull you out from under
When all of your leaves are golden
Everyone’s arms are open, but I’ll be there
When November falls

I am with you when I hear you breathing
And when I’m far away
Surrender to your fears of falling
Cause I won’t let you go


When your hopes have been gunned down
And when you get lost, I will find you
I’ll hear you calling out my name, oh


Let me know if you enjoy them as much as I do ...

A butterfly kiss ~Nisreen~
12 January 2011 @ 10:31 pm

To the last breath of me
I have to bear out this
this silent scratching of the mind
trying to understand //
how could it be
that you are not here with me!?

That I am bound
to a life
that was once true
a shadow without you

I know for sure
your prayers
still surround me still
I feel peace in my inner cell
and you are always here
so deep inside
filling me with trust
& pride

loneliness, I can bear
shedding unseen tears
and always carrying you around
an unseen being
a silent sound
only in my heart
you are free
you exist
as you should be!

The silent pain~

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